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Code 2006040542 with JEPC      A Sr Secondary School                                         

The D.A.V. Central School ISO 9001:2008 having International Norwegian Accreditation was established 10 years ago at Isri Bazar at Dumri in Giridih district of the state of Jharkhand in India. The school faculties as well as the management already know very well that a child can only learn in love,affection and homely environment.That's why we know and understand our every student what they like how to do for them.



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About D.A.V. Central School


D.A.V. CENTRAL SCHOOL is committed to provide International education facility at affordable cost, and To become one of the leading Institutions of teaching, to carry out development activities.

We are dedicated to establish this education center as the finest education destination to all kinds of child in the country.


We know that children learn effectively when they are happy and motivated. To enable this, we provide a lively, challenging education in a safe and nurturing environment. We have high expectations for excellent academic achievement and for enthusiastic involvement in extra-curricular activities. We are proud of our reputation as a friendly school with a family atmosphere, where we know our girls and boys well. We invite you to visit our students' different stages. - embed games

Contact Information

Sai Nagar,NH2, Isri Bazar
Giridih , Jharkhand- 825167

Phone: 06558-292558



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